Do NOT keep your creativity to yourself!

Do NOT keep your creativity to yourself!

I believe that It is time for us to share creativity to each other, Did you know that all of us have a creative gift? though most of us are afraid to tap into this, Society today is making it difficult for us to tap into creativity, and for those who are already aware of their creative potential don’t know how to share it to others.

Creativity is something that is meant to be shared, there are too many individuals out there wondering why life is not good to them, well one of the reasons may be that you are aware of your gift and your not sharing it.

When you look at your past experiences you should be able to see patterns in your life..

Here is a little secret, why do you think people tend to be most generous with their creativity after a term of suffering? bad experiences are there to shock your mind into where you should be, and every so often we need bad experiences to reboot us back into the straight and narrow, sometimes we are so caught up in life’s destructions in that we loose focus of our vision and the whole meaning of our existence…but maybe…just maybe if we remained in the driving seat we would never have needed to go through misfortune, and personally the hardest points in my life were just after periods where I had been selfish within my creativity, or fell short of my creative potential, I then needed a reality check to put me back into where I should be.

When I say share your creativity this could mean something as simple as taking the initiative to call a friend just to talk or get your friend out for lunch as a treat, setting the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face, Now if you can aspire to share your creativity to more than one individual in a larger way by tapping into your gift then you will receive rewards within your life and you will feel fulfilled, in other words be the best person you can be, and never fall short of your creative potential, after all I know that life is not about what you got its about what you can give.

Time should be looked at as a positive benefactor within ones creativity, The older one becomes the wiser one “should” be, as time gives you the privilege of looking in hind site to assess past experiences, the good and the bad, making it easier to be able to help others move forward richer in knowledge. don’t let time run out on you while you are able to elevate others with your creativity.


Love & Unity


58 thoughts on “Do NOT keep your creativity to yourself!

  1. Hi, amazing post and really inspiring.. made me feel good about how I choose to spend my time 🙂 I hit 100 followers today, and you are one of those, so I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!! Your support means a lot. My book is still coming along, and so I am hoping to continue to increase my web presence and keep moving forward! Thanks again, and hope to hear more from you!

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  3. Just went back & reread this post. You made a very good point. Why have a gift if we aren’t going to share it? Just think of the ripple effect if each of us did just that. Thanks for writing this & thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading even more of your work.

  4. I was told to share my poems and writings with people. Often, I would write and keep it tucked away in my journal to only collect dust. Years went by and I revisit my writings and I’m like ‘damn!’ That’s a good piece of writing….if only people knew about it. So, yeah, thanks for the reminder!

  5. “bad experiences are there to shock your mind into where you should be” I really like this way of thinking. And you are correct. The low times are just as important to creativity as the wonderful are.

    1. Thank you there, Yes indeed. and even looking closer, these are life lessons for which we must accept, and if we ignore, don’t they haunt us for the rest of our lives?, however Ironically do not let love haunt you…

  6. Fabulous advice for all of us. I would love to share some of your thoughts with a kids’ writing group I mentor.

    Last school year, one of the kids in the class barely wrote a single paragraph in our sessions together. I wondered why she bothered coming. However, at the end of the year, she turned in an amazing story about dealing with peer pressure at school. I was pleased to see her story, but also a little annoyed because of the other kids could have benefitted from her ideas.

    Thanks for this post. With your permission, I’d like to share some highlights with the kids.

    1. Hey there, did not catch your name, but indeed I am grateful for your visit, I admire your passion to mentor especially to children. Children should learn information quicker than adults’ in perfect learning conditions’, children being less corrupted, less set in their way, less egotistical about the information they have already gathered etc. One thing is for sure, no one learns in the same manner, in a school class atmosphere why do either the extremely silent or the rebellious ones excel in real life?…

  7. We live in a world where we’re told to dream big, but we’re forced to live small. Creativity keeps the mind going, it raises the spirit and makes you feel invincible. I just recently started studying comedy and it amazes me how open my mind has become to the creative thoughts and ideas we all carry within us. It’s been an amazing experience. I wish everyone could feel that way. Kudos to you, my friend. You’re awesome.

    1. Hey you sound Awesome too, Comedy should be part of our humanity, I can bet most great things on earth came forth through some comedic approach, someone should make skit on this, ‘neurological stimulation toward a certain faculty’, yet we search for the elixir of life, happy people living to 120 in a so called bad diet, athletes and doctors under stress 57 tops on strict diet..why that sound funny to me (El o El) thanks for your message Lisa?

  8. You are absolutely right when you say “life is not about what you got its about what you can give”. Either someone raised you right as a child or you have learned the wisdom of the aged at a young age, yourself. Keep telling it like it is and shout it from the rooftops if you must. Yours is a message that is all too often lost in the chatter of every day living and we need muses to remind us to give of our blessings, lest they be lost to us.

    1. I remain humbled, I was raised to listen and observe. because of my up bringing I avoided the troubles that may make one ignorant, my mind is open. have a blessed day family. for me and for you the best is yet to come..Love

  9. i liked the idea that sharing creativity start with simple thing like take your freind out and put a smile in his face , that’s great and maybe this is what really give sense to life

    1. I thank you there, indeed what gives us a sense of life is creativity. If you now judge life as a gauge, how full of life are you? the older you get the more life you should have. think about it…

  10. Interesting post. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I used to view my desire to write as a selfish thing. I now understand that holding back is selfish. Sharing what I know and how I feel is generous and can potentially benefit a lot of people. And the more I give in this way, the happier I feel.

  11. Very interesting Post. I do not think all people realize that they are creative. For being alive, is being creative. I have been exploring my own creativity and it has been an amazing healing presence in my life.

  12. The gift of Creativity is a beautiful one. No one lights a lamp and hides it under the table. Creativity is the light of ingenuity God had put within us and it should be shared with others.

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