Where Does Music Come From?

What separates music from many other entities is that it can only exist through heart’s desire, there’s no other way true music can become existent but through a musicians “consciousness”, the way of receiving music can’t be altered or changed, why change a perfect way?, New music cannot be thought of, the mind simply moulds or arranges what your spirit brings up to surface. The way for music to be vacant first is to understand that no man can create music, one must come off of the ego mentality and come to know that music simply comes through the musician and not from, our power comes when we express it through our instrument with love. if music is from the heart then it will carry no impurity, this would mean that music can’t be misused to fulfil any self-threatening intention, as the heart will never contradict itself, Negative intention surely arises from the delusions of one’s thoughts for it is only in one’s “knowing” that springs truth.

I believe the answer to creating inspirational music is to find quietness within,  I don’t need to abuse my body to free my mind.

I have never induced any drugs apart from the odd headache tablet if that, never even smoked a cigarette, however it so happens that all my favourite musicians have used drugs at some point in their lives, and maybe were likely to have been under the influence of drugs while composing some of my favourite music. Scientists say most drugs stimulate a nerve that intern would suppress certain faculties of the brain while releasing others, which may cause one’s brain to open up more on their imagination which can sometimes be translated into notions of creativity. I have a thesis that some people have a deficiency in freeing creativity NATURALLY and even when they have a new idea they don’t have the confidence to act on it without taking a substance to somehow loosen them up (drugs/alcohol/marijuana/).To me this translates as an issue that is needed to be dealt with, the sad thing is in this case 9 times out of 10 its the musician that is put under so much pressure by the industry and so for a form of escapism they get into drugs, we must never ignore this and this is why those same favourite artists of mine have never lived a long and healthy life.

and by this we have fallen short out of reaching perfection? I can’t help but wonder that maybe if these great artists were helped to overcome their problems and lived healthier and longer lives and transcended above the destructive ways of the world then maybe they might have got to the state of perfection within what they do.

and so I let go of the world, this is how I choose to live my life. And I hope that one day someone will look back at the history books and read a different story about a musician, a story of a musician who had control of his body and intellect and dint need to lose touch with reality through man-made substances to provide him inspiration for his works.

Material substance should never have to interfere or be the far most intention to the creation of music, surely the purest music will not come when the mind is geared in the wrong place.

So I encourage other musicians to get in touch with their inner selves and find true music, one doesn’t need to search too hard to gain music, but the only way a musician can penetrate to inspire someone else is for him or her to create space within his or her mind.

Perhaps we should now ask “Where does your Spirit come from?….



16 thoughts on “Where Does Music Come From?

  1. Kasi

    You are right , I think music does come from silence. So does peace, harmony and a feeling of belonging with the world. i wish you silence…

    1. intheroar

      Wow, love that quote Lino. Zappa said a lot.

      Vonj, beautiful post. “Heart’s desire”… indeed.

      Interesting about scientists what they said of opening up the brain etc. I always wondered HOW, JUST HOW THE HELL did those drunk old poets and writers “do it” because me, I just get addled when I drink. I never knew how they did it.

      Quality article here.

      1. Thank you there, the science is exact, fact is we have a choice, live long utilizing meditation to keep one inspired, or take drugs die young and have a couple of unfinished masterpieces. Now, in terms of conducting material under the influence one would have to be an addict, I.e. Jimi Hendrix could not have written “Are you experienced” without being hooked with the rubbish for at least 3 years prior to any of those projects. quite sad. but the lesson is learnt

  2. So glad you discovered the silence within as your source of inspiration and creative expression. I also believe that thru that inner listening (which is really about being connected to the Divine), our creativity unfolds.
    Thank you for following Beauty Along the Road, it is very much appreciated.

    1. Indeed my friend, and welcome by the way…, Silence to me means “an incoming of original information”, remember we create nothing, but we can pick up and express anything into this realm of existence, if only we are attentive enough… this space encourages freedom of mind so do feel free to drop an expression at your inspiration.Peace & harmony my friend

  3. I have often regretted the loss of favourite musicians to drug use. As a lover of their music, I guess I feel cheated of the future music that was never created. As a fellow human being, I just feel so sorry for whatever the need was that let that person seek creativity or refuge in mind altering and dangerous substances. I understand the sense of needing to unlock that inner censor to allow a stream of creative thought or composition…as you mention to free that part of the brain where creativity resides. Add to that the immortality youth feels they have, the feeling of freedom was more important than fear of harm.

    Thanks for a great post and visiting my neck of the woods as well!!

    1. Agreed!, I thank you for your time and your considerate thought. We must also start showing genuine love to those who we admire instead of idolising them, which is just a different form of alienating an individual from feeling human, gravitating the gifted toward a false means of being, divorced from their true nature. Talking of nature, your passion for nature shows through your images, beautiful work. Peace & Love

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