Music to a Musician

First I hear it, practice it, play it, rehearse it, perform it, record it, then again I hear it………..”Now It does not sound anywhere close to when I first heard it…… but hey..regardless I gotta love it!


5 thoughts on “Music to a Musician

  1. You know how you smile and chuckle when a musician expresses in words what musicians do all the time but you as a musician never bothered to write about it yourself? Haha, thanks Vonj

  2. The music is always on, always playing in my head. Sometimes my tunes, sometimes the songs of others, sometimes sounds I can’t readily identify. It’s cool. It’s never quiet up in here.
    Then the words come. Where do they come from? Suddenly they are there in meter and rhyme. The Brain of You 2, the second you, the subconscious.
    The You 2 brain races ahead of me, painting imagery with words that fall from space and lay into tracks, painting faster than I can move.
    Some is trash, some is lost forever, and some become lifetime companions.

    Play, my friend, play!

    Be at peace,


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